Delete services

We handle the destruction of large items of material released from the archive or other items flexibly and effortlessly. We also destroy everyday material.

If necessary, we transfer the material to be destroyed directly from the archive shelf to our car, so that the work does not bind the customer’s staff or interfere with customer service.

The material to be destroyed does not need to be sorted in advance.

In addition we take care of the paper tuhouksen

  • Plastic materials
  • IT
  • Hard drives
  • diskettes and tapes
  • CDs
  • Microfilms
  • Cardboard
  • Working clothes
  • Dental Molds for

the customer to maintain confidence in each stage tuhousprosessin is particularly important.

The shredded paper is baled after destruction.

We recycle all destroyed material.

We have an ISO-9001 quality system.