High security space solutions

Depona Delete Service offers companies a high level of security storage and services. Versatile space solutions are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Vault facilities are also available.

All materials that require safe and stable conditions can be stored in safe rooms.
For example: Archival material, GLP materials, securities, metals and objects, tables, material to be retained for a specified period. The facilities can also be used as evasive facilities during archive renovations.


Special attention has been paid to safety. The material is monitored 24/7 under stable conditions.

Security services

In order to arrange additional services, we take care of the transfer of material from the customer to storage in accordance with the customer’s needs. For transportation, we use appropriate equipment and background-checked persons.

Security storage

The premises are located along good transport connections near Ring Road 3 and the airport in Vantaa.


The premises have stable conditions for storage.

Customer-oriented security services

We take care of arranging additional services according to the customer’s needs.